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Deepen your yoga practice

Immerse yourself in Yoga. Wake up and hear the pacific ocean, take a morning swim.  Practice yoga, learn the history and philosophy of this ancient practice, discover more about yourself and who you are through meditation, reading, being still, communing with Mother Nature and share with like minded individuals. Eat local fresh food and enjoy the sunset beachside or sway in a hammock under a palm tree before heading to your bungalow for sweet dreams. This is your typical day at the Anahata Soul Yoga Teacher Training, Playa Grande, Costa Rica. 

Anahata Soul 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
Like the deep roots of a tree, Anahata Soul 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training will give you the foundation you need for teaching vinyasa yoga. It will deepen your understanding of yoga and expand your own daily practice. This is a yoga teacher training immersion course. After completing required hours of observation you will receive your 200 hour certification and be eligible to become a registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance. To insure an intimate and personal experience, space is limited to just 20 students.

Anahata Soul 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training
The Anahata Soul 300 hour program is designed to take the 200 hour teacher to the next level of education. It is like the Masters program for Yogis. This advanced program will take a deep look at each area of your teaching life. Not only fine tuning your teaching skills but discovering your unique gifts and following them to enhance your specific areas of expertise.

Anahata Soul 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training
Refine your practice and deepen your knowledge of the physical and subtle bodies. Delve deeper into meditation and how to teach it effectively for all levels of students. Experience a 7 month weekly meeting, 2 Weekend Intensives (Yoga Teacher Training in Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona), followed by an 11 day Immersion in Costa Rica.
Anahata Soul is a registered 200 hour and 300 hour School with the Yoga Alliance. Once you complete your 300 Hour requirements you will be receive for your 500 Hour certification and be eligible to register at the 500 hour level through Yoga Alliance.


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