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“My favorite aspect of the training is the immersion. It’s something I really needed coming from such an intense lifestyle back home. Immersed in the yoga practice. Immersed in this new family of friends that I have in the group. Immersed in the soundtrack of this place. From the waves to the birds, the monkeys, the palm leaves. It’s just been the perfect method of learning the yoga for me.” 


Corporate Lawyer

New York City

“I met Jenn back in Phoenix, at Urban [Yoga}, and she really took a personal interest in me. And she really helped me through a lot of things and I just had this connection with her. So when I found out she was hosting this training I just couldn’t not come!”
“ I thought the program was amazing. I really love how Jenn goes deep in to the philosophy of yoga, it’s not just an [physical] asana practice.”
Stephanie, 23
Los Angeles

“I enjoyed like this huge shift, the transformation that has happened to me just because I’ve been given all of these tools just to change my whole perspective on life and on myself.” 

Amaya 31, Spain


“The reason why this particular Yoga Teacher training was so impressive to me, and why I picked Jenn as a teacher is because she helps us find our unique gifts, our soul song. And where our strength is our teaching. I am very blessed to be here  and to accomplish exactly what I was looking for.”


Lisa, Sound Healer

“Experiencing Jenn, here, all the time… I would actually think about this, in Phoenix, in her hour long classes, that I would just drop in to? I would have these feelings of “Oh my God!”. Even in that hour, I would feel so different. From beginning to end. So I would be really overwhelmed and think “I get to feel that all the time!” And now that I’m experiencing it, I really have a living example of a teacher in front of me.”

”This is the goal as a teacher… That is the goal I guess… going full circle. Leaving here, IS to BE a teacher in the whole embodiment of that word.”



Yoga Teacher

Los Angeles / Phoenix

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